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The Smart Way to Open Doors

Mobile Credentials

to replace Smart Cards?

Moving To Mobile

Contactless mobile solution compatible with iOS and Android.

Nuveq Mobile Access uses Bluetooth Low Energy to exchange credentials with Nuveq Bluetooth readers to securely access a door. Credential exchange is encrypted using AES 256 encryption and random code-hopping to prevent replay attacks. Proprietary key exchange and communication methods prevent manipulation or cloning of credentials to other devices.

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Mobile Access

Mobile Credentials

Nuveq Mobile Access allows you to use your

own smartphone as a key to access doors,

facilities and more.

By using your smartphone as a credential,

managing and using an access card becomes

easier, faster, and safer.

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More Security With Mobile

Your premises get a big security boost when you use encrypted mobile credentials instead of smart- cards or fobs. When a phone goes missing, built-in biometric and passcode protections stop casual intruders from using it to unlock your doors.

With mobile access, you can issue, change or cancel access rights immediately, over the air, making administration more convenient and your building a more secure space.

Save time, money — and use less plastic

No more plastic cards to print, no updaters to buy or install, and no more time wasted giving out key-cards.

Reduce touchpoints

A flexible, personal mobile credential replaces shared plastic cards and face-to-face handovers, keeping everyone safer.

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