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NUVEQ Cloud-Based Visitor Management System

Revolutionize Your Visitor Experience with Our Touchless Visitor management solution

Enhance your visitor experience with NUVEQ digital visitor access

Unlike these legacy access control systems that require you to keep a stock of visitor keycards, NUVEQ uses digital permissions that can be sent to visitors' phones to grant them temporary access to your spaces — no NUVEQ app or account required.

temporary visitor access link

A visitor door access link is a unique digital credential or URL provided to individuals for temporary access to a specific physical location, typically through an electronic access control system. This modern approach to visitor management enhances security, convenience, and efficiency.

Temporary Access Link

temporary visitor QR code

A Visitor Access QR Code serves as a quick and efficient way to grant temporary access to individuals within a secure environment. This QR code, generated by administrators, can be scanned by visitors using a mobile device, instantly providing them with the necessary permissions for a predefined duration.

QR Code

temporary visitor access by face

Visitor Access by Face Recognition revolutionizes entry management by leveraging cutting-edge facial recognition technology. This advanced system allows seamless and secure access for visitors without the need for traditional identification methods.

Face Recognition

How does it Work?

Cloud-based Visitor Management System

Pre-Register as a Visitor

QR code on-site or conveniently add visitors through NUVEQ Cloud-Based Visitor Management portal..

NUVEQ Cloud-based Visitor Management System

Registration Form

Visitors information include the visitor's name, contact information, purpose of visit, and date and time of arrival

NUVEQ Cloud-based Visitor Management System

QR Code Generated

After the guest fills out the check-in form, they will be provided with a QR code virtual key, which can be seamlessly integrated with elevators, turnstiles, or any other access points you may need.

NUVEQ Cloud-based Visitor Management System

Self-Register Visitor Management System
Self-service check-in without a receptionist

Register Visitors via NUVEQ Visitors Cloud Management Portal

NUVEQ Cloud-based Visitor Management System
Traditional Visitor Management System
  • Manual sign-in process using a paper logbook

  • Time-consuming and prone to errors

  • Verification of visitor identity may be done by checking IDs or calling the host

  • Limited data collection and analysis

  • Lack of real-time monitoring and alerts

  • Limited or no support for mobile devices

Modern Visitor Management System
  • Digital check-in process using web-based or self-registration on-site

  • Faster visitor check-in process and reduced wait times for visitors

  • Real-time notifications to the host when the visitor arrives

  • Integration with access control systems for enhanced security

  • Data collection and analysis for insights into visitor traffic and behavior

  • Mobile device support for on-the-go access and management

Efficiently handle your guests with
NUVEQ Cloud-Based Visitor Management

Let's discuss your requirements and explore how we can assist you.

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