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NUVEQ Smart IoT Controller

Control Your World with NUVEQ Smart IoT Controller

Simplify Your Life with Our Revolutionary IoT Controller.

NUVEQ | Cloud Based Access Control System | Mobile Access

NUVEQ Door Access System


NUVEQ Smart IoT Door Controller is an advanced access control system that combines the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) with modern security technology. This device provides an intelligent and automated solution for managing access to facilities, enhancing security and convenience.


NUVEQ Smart ioT Controller combines robust access control technology with a user-friendly cloud-based management platform that offers a simple, secure, and scalable way to manage access to facilities and doors across your organization.

Smart IoT Door Controllers can also be easily scaled to accommodate the changing needs of organizations. As businesses grow, administrators can add new doors, facilities, and access points, and manage them all from a single platform. 

The Smart IoT Door Controller is a state-of-the-art solution that provides advanced security, convenience, and scalability. Whether you are looking to secure a single facility or multiple locations, the Smart IoT Door Controller is the ideal solution for modern organizations.

Are you curious about the return on investment (ROI)?

Discover how NUVEQ enables a cost-effective transition to cloud-based access control system without any service interruptions. Obtain our ROI guide today to gain further insight.

NUVEQ Smart IoT Controller

Fire alarm integration

Integrates with onsite Fire alarm systems to unlock doors automatically in the event of emergency.

Door Interlocking

Allows only one door to remain open at a time​. An Effective Security Measure for Restricted Areas

Local/Global Anti-Passback

Prevent unauthorized access and discourage tailgating

Over the Air(OTA)
Firmware Updates

Future proof your investment, by getting the latest features and updates

  • Automatically receive the latest feature updates

  • remotely update the code on the devices

  • seamless updates across all devices in an IoT system​

  • Avoid long downtimes related to on-premise access control servers

NUVEQ IoT Door Access Controller
Pengontrol IoT Cerdas NUVEQ
Pengontrol IoT Cerdas NUVEQ

​       Plug & Play

  • No servers, workstations required

  • Doors come online and configured in minutes

  • No added software or complexities like port forwarding

  • Centralized management for seamless access anywhere

Pengontrol Akses Pintu IoT Cerdas NUVEQ
Pengontrol Akses Pintu IoT Cerdas NUVEQ


  • Cloud-based platform has no door/user limits

  • Scale to thousands of doors across all locations

  • No need to create virtual networks to sync access across sites


  • Secure remote access on any device anywhere

  • Continuous updates with new features

  • Automatic firmware updates keep systems secure

  • New features and enhancements are added at no additional costs

NUVEQ Smart IoT Controller
Google Awan
Pengontrol Akses Pintu IoT Cerdas NUVEQ
Pengontrol Akses Pintu IoT Cerdas NUVEQ
Pengontrol Akses Pintu IoT Cerdas NUVEQ
Pengontrol Akses Pintu IoT Cerdas NUVEQ
Pengontrol IoT NUVEQ
Product specifications


No of Doors:

Reader Input:

Card Holder/transactions:



WAN Support:

Firmware Upgrade:

12VDC, 8W

2 Doors


Max of 4

Supporting Wiegand 26/34/44 bit card readers

Mifare, HID, Desfire, QR Code

Bluetooth/NFC reader(RS-485 AES256 Encrypted)

130,000 card users

130,000 transaction buffer

2 x door sensor inputs

2 x REX pushbutton inputs

4 x general purpose inputs

1 fire alarm input

3 configurable as Tamper, Fault, Panic, Intrusion, Emergency exit.

256 Alarm Inputs

4 x Relay outputs, switchable to NO or NC operation

2 x card reader LED outputs

2 x card reader Buzzer outputs

256 Alarm Outputs

Google Cloud connected

Over the air update

FAQs about
NUVEQ IoT Controller 

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