The Future Of Access Control Systems

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)

IoT Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions

Next-generation access control

Cloud-based access control that brings
enterprise-grade security to any size of business.

Nuveq IoT Cloud-Based Access Control System is the future of access control. It is a single place, Google Cloud where you can manage your entire Access control & security, from any web browser, in any location. No longer centeredaround a physical server/client workstation, your needs are now easily met, from a small office with a single door to the largest corporation with thousands of offices worldwide. Manage all your doors/access and have a centralized record of all your access activities for all your branches located anywhere in the world with a single Cloud Management Portal.

Real-Time Reporting and Centralised record of all access activities.

Anywhere, Anytime,

Any Device.

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Next-generation access control reader compatible with Bluetooth Mobile Credentials and NFC cards & labels.

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Barrier gates are a great, low-cost way to improve security and privacy, monitor and control the flow of traffic in and out of your property. Barrier gates are suitable for residential area. car parks, shopping centres, commercial buildings & etc.

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IOT cloud-based access control solution designed for the future of access control. 

Simple and Secure Plug & Play controller with reliable built-in storage to ensure uninterrupted door functionality

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A Comprehensive Mobile Access Solution. Using only your own smartphone ensuring a safer and more efficient way to unlock doors

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Cloud-Based Access Control

The Power Of Future-Proof Access Control System

Secure, Touchless Access

Reliable mobile access control with scalable cloud-based software and endless integration capabilities. 

Implement everywhere, manage from anywhere. NUVEQ's mobile access control solution with remote management capabilities enhances safety at every level, without sacrificing convenience.​

Fast. Flexible. Future-proof.

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Nuveq Mobile Access

Nuveq Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities, and more. By using your smartphone as credential, managing and using an access card becomes easier, faster and safer.