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NUVEQ Cloud-Based
Access control for
Gym & Fitness Facilities

Discover the cloud-based, touchless, and smartphone-enabled solution for 24 hour gym access control.

NUVEQ | Cloud-Based Access Control System | Mobile Credentials

Powering the future of fitness

Powerful gym security without sacrificing convenience. NUVEQ Cloud-based access con control offers your facility in multiple access ways with reliable, touchless access solutions for every gym & fitness center, whether you’re upgrading a gym swipe card entry system, or want the latest mobile-based access technology.

Cloud based gym managemnt system

Real-time entry analytics and occupancy visibility

See your facility’s gym entry system activity as it’s happening. NUVEQ logs and reports all gym access control events in real time, empowering fitness centre owners with increased awareness and analytical insights.

  • View and filter activity dashboards by entry, time and date, user, and credential type

  • Lower costs by optimizing staffing schedules, maintenance, and concessions based on activity and usage 

  • Enforce capacity limits with occupancy tracking features

  • Create customized alerts and respond to issues quickly and efficiently

  • Quickly export detailed, customized reports for compliance and auditing purposes

Optimized and integrated NUVEQ gym entry systems

Boost productivity and automate processes with a fully integrated gym management platform through NUVEQ Cloud-based fitness &  gym door access system. 

Automate onboarding and access permission changes

  • Quickly onboard new members and automatically issue guest passes.

  • Streamline your check-in and sign-up process with an all-digital experience ​

Automatically revoke access to non-paying users

  • Prevent overdue members from gaining access

  • Ensure only paying users access your facility by setting automated rules.

Cloud-Based Access control for Gym
24/7 access
  • Take advantage of NUVEQ cloud-based access permissions to make sure your place is always accessible and safe for members

  • Get an overview of events at all hours to discover space utilization

  • Know how many people enter and exit your facility

  • 24/7 mobile-based, touchless gym access control

Get a better ROI by migrating to NUVEQ

Discover how NUVEQ enables a cost-effective transition to cloud-based access control system without any service interruptions. Obtain our ROI guide today to gain further insight.

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