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NUVEQ Cloud Based
Security Barrier Gate System

Secure Your Property with Our Reliable NUVEQ Cloud-Based Security Barrier Gates | Turnstile

NUVEQ |Cloud-Based Access Control System | Mobile Credentials

Enhancing Security and Access Control with Turnstile Barrier System

Experience increased efficiency, improved safety, and peace of mind with NUVEQ Cloud-Baased Barrier Gate and Turnstile System. Explore its features and benefits today.

FAQs About
NUVEQ Cloud-Based Tripod Turnstile 

  • What is NUVEQ Mobile Credential?
    NUVEQ Mobile Credential is a digital access control solution that allows users to use their smartphones as a credential to access secured locations. It eliminates the need for traditional access control methods such as keys or cards.
  • How does NUVEQ Mobile Credential work?
    NUVEQ Mobile Credential works by using the smartphone's built-in technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) to communicate with access control readers. Users can present their smartphones to the reader, and the system verifies the user's identity and grants or denies access accordingly.
  • Is NUVEQ Mobile Credential secure?
    Yes, NUVEQ Mobile Credential is secure. It uses advanced AES256 encryption and authentication techniques to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.
  • What smartphones are compatible with NUVEQ Mobile Credential?
    NUVEQ Mobile Credential is compatible with iOS, Android and Huawei smartphones that support BLE or NFC technology. To check if your smartphone is compatible, please refer to the NUVEQ website or contact their support team.
  • What are the benefits of using NUVEQ Mobile Credential?
    The benefits of using NUVEQ Mobile Credential for Access Control System include increased security, convenience, and cost savings. It eliminates the need for physical keycards and reduces the risk of lost or stolen credentials. It also allows for remote credential management, enabling administrators to easily add, revoke, or modify access privileges.
  • What happens if I lose my smartphone with NUVEQ Mobile Credential?
    If you lose your smartphone with NUVEQ Mobile Credential, you should contact your system administrator immediately to have your credential revoked. NUVEQ offers remote credential revocation to ensure that lost or stolen credentials are immediately deactivated.
  • Can I use NUVEQ Mobile Credential for Access Control System for multiple buildings?
    Yes, users can use their NUVEQ Mobile Credential for Access Control System to access any area that has a NUVEQ-compatible access control system, regardless of the building or location.
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