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face recognition

your face is
unique key

Your face is a unique key that unlocks a world of possibilities. Our face is a unique and valuable asset. It is the first thing that people see when they meet you, and it is a powerful tool for communication, connection, and identification.

Secure and Efficient  Face Recognition Terminal for Access Control

Live Face Detection
Say Goodbye to Photo & Video Punch-in

Ensuring Authenticity: Leveraging Physiological Features for Robust ID Verification, Safeguarding Against Cheating Methods such as Photos, Videos, and 3D Models for Enhanced Business Security.

Outdoor AI Facial Recognition Terminal

Robust, vandal-resistant and water-proof" housing, ensuring intelligent access at any time.

The NUVEQ EP-FR101 is a top-of-the-line cloud-based access control terminal that boasts an original design and cutting-edge technology. It utilizes the latest deep-learning algorithm to achieve lightning-fast recognition with unparalleled precision and superior anti-spoofing capabilities.

Secure and Efficient  Face Recognition Terminal for Access Control
NUVEQ Cloud-based  Face Recognition Terminal for Access Control

AI Face Recognition


NUVEQ EP-FR301 is an advanced facial recognition solution that leverages deep learning algorithms to deliver superior performance and reliability.

With its lightning-fast recognition speed and exceptional accuracy, this product is designed to meet the most demanding requirements. It supports 1:N face recognition and comes equipped with a built-in swipe card function conveniently located under the screen.

7-inch outdoor AI Facial Recognition Terminal

With its IP65-rated waterproof structure and low-temperature running module,  features excellent durability in harsh conditions such as outdoor environments.

NUVEQ EP-FR701 equipped with a dual-core CPU, which optimizes live detection to achieve the highest levels of biometric recognition accuracy and anti-spoofing ability. This results improved security performance, making it an ideal choice for high-security environments.

NUVEQ Cloud-based  Face Recognition Terminal for Access Control
fingerprint reader

Outdoor multimodal biometric access control Terminal with facial, fingerprint identification

Diversified intelligent verification methods,
starting a new access control experience with

EP-FR501FP boasts hybrid verification modules, including cards, QR codes (Optional) and
fingerprints (Optional), suitable for outdoor environments.

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