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NUVEQ Outdoor IK10 AI Facial Recognition Terminal

Outdoor IK10 AI Face Recognition Terminal

Advanced device designed for outdoor environments. Built to withstand high levels of impact (IK10 rating), NUVEQ Cloud-Based AI face recognition reader combines robustness with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. It is primarily used for facial recognition purposes.

Cloud Based Access Control System | Mobile Access | NUVEQ

NUVEQ Outdoor IK10 AI Facial Recognition Terminal

Innovative design for unparalleled excellence

A sleek and sophisticated framework, enhanced with a polished metallic texture, intelligent Tri-color LED lighting, and Voice Broadcast, providing prompt access status updates.

Pulsating illumination.

Identification unsuccessful.

Identification successful.

NUVEQ Outdoor IK10 AI Facial Recognition Terminal
NUVEQ Outdoor IK10 AI Facial Recognition Terminal

Dual-lens, starlight camera

UHD "dual-lens", enabling IR and RGB facial recognition with NUVEQ deep-learning algorithm to recognize faces with exceptional accuracy and unrivaled anti-spoofing performance. Starlight, wide camera, much clearer imaging for facial details in a dark state.

NUVEQ Outdoor IK10 AI Facial Recognition Terminal

Outstanding performance, remarkably resilient to impact and low temperatures.

Hardware Specifications

Memory: 512MB RAM + 8GB ROM.                                                                        CPU: ARM Cortex A7 MP2@1GHz, Linux                    Cameras: IR, RGB dual-lens camera, Starlight wide-angle camera                   Card Modules: Standard EM & MIFARE Card, NFC 

LEDs: One tri-color indicator, Two infrared fill-in lights


Communication Modes: TCP/IP, WIFI, Bluetooth

I/O: Relay, Exit button, Door sensor, Fire alarm, RS 232, RS 485, Wiegand input/output


Faces: 10,000                                       Logs: Max. 130,000


Working Temperature: -40°C~60°C                                                                         Storage Temperature: -20°C~60°C

Working Humidity: 10%~90%                                                                                   IP Rate: IP65

Power Supply: DC 12V/2A                                                                                          Power Consumption: Max. 10W

Device Dimensions: 56 mm × 183 mm × 34.6mm                                                 Certificates: CE. FCC

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