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Top Ten Cloud-Based Access Control  System

Tingkatkan Keamanan dengan NUVEQ IK10 Mifare Reader

Minimalist design that draws inspiration from the Biblical story of Moses parting the Red Sea. The device reimagines the conventional access control card reader by utilizing an all-metal construction, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with practical functionality.

NUVEQ | Cloud-Based Access Control System | Mobile Credentials

Top Ten Cloud-Based Access Control  System


Desain Pembaca Kartu Revolusioner

Merangkul Kesederhanaan dengan Permukaan Belahan Memudar yang Ramping untuk Aliran Sinyal Tak Terbatas, Berbeda dari Model Tradisional Berbahan Dasar Plastik. Pengalaman Pengguna yang Ditingkatkan dengan Jarak Penginderaan Maksimum 5 Sentimeter.


Rugged Protection

Water-Proof and Dust-Proof Sturdy Shell with Anti-Vandal to Ensures Local Security with Confidence.

Top Ten Cloud-Based Access Control  System
Top Ten Cloud-Based Access Control  System

Exceptional Impact Resistance for Optimal Protection

IK10 Rated

Discover the power of IK10-rated products, designed to provide unparalleled impact resistance and reliable protection in demanding environments. With an IK10 rating, these robust solutions are built to withstand high levels of mechanical stress, ensuring maximum durability and security.


Top Ten Cloud-Based Access Control  System

Product specifications



Power Supply:

Card Reading Type:


Reading Card Distance:

Output Format:

Working Temperature:

Operating Humidity:



Cable Distance:




Zinc Alloy

DC12~24V, 35mA

125KHz: EM | 13.56MHz: MF/CPU/NFC (IS014443A)


125KHz: <5cm | 13.56MHz: <2cm

Card: wiegand 26-37 bit

-20-60° С


0-95% relative humidity

IP65, IK10


5m (22 AWG)


103 * 48 * 22mm

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