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Visitor Temporary Access Links

Streamlined Visitor Access with Temporary Access Links

Simplify Visitor Access Management

Experience hassle-free visitor access with our innovative Temporary Access Link service. Say goodbye to complicated processes and welcome a new era of simplicity.

  • Generate temporary access links with a single click.

  • Enable visitors to access designated areas without the need for physical access cards.

  • Set specific time frames for each access link.

  • Maintain control over visitor access and enhance security.

  • Track and monitor visitor access in real-time.

  • Receive notifications for every successful access through the temporary link.

InstantAccess Links

CustomizableAccess Periods



Unlock doors with a tap

Unlock the doors you have temporary access to with a single tap on the access link you received via email.

Reduce anxiety

Don’t worry about losing or forgetting to return the visitor badge. The access link has an expiry date to lessen the stress.

Effortless compliance

Don’t stress about endangering security protocols, like forgetting to return the visitor badge or unlocking the wrong secured door.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Support the environment by using access links to reduce the unnecessary production of single-use plastic access passes.

Manage visitor
access remotely

​Reduce expenses, boost efficiency, and optimize operations while enhancing visitor experience with NUVEQ access links for remote visitor access management. Eliminate the necessity for conventional visitor badging systems, thereby reducing security risks linked to lost or unreturned credentials.

Unlock doors without downloading an app

Bypass the wait at the front desk and bid farewell to concerns about badges and forgotten returns. Enjoy immediate and trouble-free access, even on the busiest days. With NUVEQ, there's no need to fuss over unlocking restricted doors or downloading additional apps. Simply click the access link received via email, and step right in.

Experience the Future of Visitor Management

Get Started with Temporary Access Links.


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