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VMS with QR Code

Revolutionize Your Visitor Experience with QR Code

Simplified Check-In Process

No more waiting in lines or searching for a receptionist. Our Self-Register Visitor Management System allows visitors to check-in seamlessly using QR code technology.

  • Effortless check-in by scanning a unique QR code.

  • No need for a receptionist - visitors can independently complete the process.

  • Automatically generate digital badges upon successful registration.

  • Enhance security with personalized, digital visitor badges.

  • Receive instant alerts when your guests arrive.

  • Stay informed without constant monitoring.

QR CodeCheck-In

Instant DigitalBadges


How does it Work?

Cloud-based Visitor Management System

Pre-Register as a Visitor

QR code on-site or conveniently add visitors through NUVEQ Cloud-Based Visitor Management portal..

NUVEQ Cloud-based Visitor Management System

Registration Form

Visitors information include the visitor's name, contact information, purpose of visit, and date and time of arrival

NUVEQ Cloud-based Visitor Management System

QR Code Generated

After the guest fills out the check-in form, they will be provided with a QR code virtual key, which can be seamlessly integrated with elevators, turnstiles, or any other access points you may need.

Experience the Future of Visitor Management

Stay ahead with cutting-edge QR code visitor management solutions.


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