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NUVEQ Commercial Cloud Based Access Control Systems

Strengthen security and improve tenant experiences with NUVEQ cloud-based and remote access control for commercial real estate.

NUVEQ | Cloud Based Access Control System | Mobile Credentials

What We 
Help You Do

NUVEQ Cloud-based access control solutions are designed to improve commercial real estate operations through cutting-edge technology. Our host of cloud-based, automated product solutions are built to cut costs, reduce admin times, and maximize the tenant experience.

Manage Multiple Properties

NUVEQ’s cloud-based commercial access control systems allow for intuitive, remote management of multiple buildings from one dashboard.

Easily scales to any size organization

NUVEQ was designed with developers, property owners, property managers, and asset managers in mind. NUVEQ works across all forms of entry, including parking gates, elevators, and garages. .

No Expensive Installation

NUVEQ makes retrofits easy—we leverage the existing wiring to reduce your upgrade costs. Plus, we can sit alongside your legacy system and upgrade everyone to mobile credentials while still supporting existing keycards so there is no interruption in experience for current tenants.

Reduce operating costs

No server and IT network management and no need to upgrade software every six months with patches for every server. Spend your time delivering a great tenant experience instead of sitting behind a computer screen dealing with access control issues.

Get a better ROI by migrating to NUVEQ

Discover how NUVEQ enables a cost-effective transition to cloud-based access control system without any service interruptions. Obtain our ROI guide today to gain further insight.

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