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Cloud Portal

NUVEQ Cloud-Based
Access Control Management Portal

NUVEQ Cloud-Based Access Control Management Portal Secure and Convenient Access Management Solution

Cloud Based Access Control System | Mobile Credentials | NUVEQ

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ACaaS, Access Control as a service

NUVEQ Access Control as
a Service (ACaaS)

NUVEQ Cloud-Based Managemnt Portal

Discover the Power of NUVEQ
Open API Platform 

API integration allows different software systems to communicate and share data seamlessly.


NUVEQ Cloud-Based Access Control Management Portal


The locks, application, and web portal are synchronized in real-time to ensure that the information provided is always up-to-date.

NUVEQ Cloud-Based Managemnt Portal
NUVEQ Cloud-Based Managemnt Portal
NUVEQ Cloud-Based Managemnt Portal


Cloud-Based Access Control Platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, enabling it to support the growth of the business as it expands.


The system supports faster experimentation, updates, and the creation of customized applications to meet specific needs.


The system securely stores, backs up in secure datacenter and can recover data in case of any loss or damage.

NUVEQ Cloud-Based Managemnt Portal

Streamline Your Security Management with NUVEQ

Robust Security

NUVEQ Cloud-Based Managemnt Portal
emergency lockdown

Remote Lockdown

Cloud-Based Access Control System

System Architecture

Cloud-Based Access Control System | Mobile Access | NUVEQ

Best Cloud-Based Access Control System

Cloud based ingenuity

Nuveq’s cloud based access control software provides a wide range of benefits.

Manage from anywhere

Access Nuveq’s multi-site management platform on any web-enabled device to easily administer credentials, revoke access and customize entries across all locations.

Sync users automatically

Import and update Nuveq users using your preferred identity provider.

Troubleshoot hardware online

Monitor hardware statuses and perform remote diagnostic actions anytime & anywhere.


Infinitely scalable to thousands of doors spread over thousands of locations.

Access Control Made Simple

Request a demo today and see how NUVEQ can transform your security management. With our powerful, cloud-based access control management software, you can streamline your security management, simplify access control, and integrate with your existing systems. Secure. Simple. Seamless. Choose NUVEQ for your security management needs.

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