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Access Control As A Service

NUVEQ Cloud-Based
Access Control
Access Control as A Service (ACaaS) Plans

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NUVEQ | Cloud-Based Access Control System | Mobile Credentials

The Essentials of NUVEQ Cloud Based Access Control

NUVEQ Smart Reader

NUVEQ Next-generation Access Control Reader EP-30NB is a next-generation access control reader for use with Bluetooth Mobile Credentials and NFC cards & labels. NUVEQ EP-30NB leverages on NFC andBluetooth mobile credentials to securely access your premise. Industry-standard encryption ensures the best security option currently available. 

NUVEQ IoT Controller

NUVEQ EP-3000C Access combines enterprise-grade access control with a powerful, cloud-based access control management platform for a solution that’s always simple, secure, and ready for scale.

Nuveq latest Cloud-Based Access Control System, is a new concept of managing secure access, using the power of IoT and cloud services. 

NUVEQ Cloud Based Access Control Management  Portal

Nuveq Cloud-based Access Portal is the future of access control. It is a single place where you can manage your entire Access control & security, from any web browser, in any location. No longer centred around a physical server, your needs are now easily met, from a small office with a single door to the largest corporation with thousands of offices worldwide.

Access Control As A Service

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NUVEQ | Cloud-Based Access Control System | Mobile Credentials

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