Cloud Management 


Nuveq Cloud Access Portal is the future of access control. It is a single place where you can manage your entire Access control & security, from any web browser, in any location. No longer centered around a physical server, your needs are now easily met, from a small office with a single door to the largest corporation with thousands of offices worldwide. Manage all your doors with a single interface and have a centralized record of all your access activities for all your branches located anywhere.

Cloud-based ingenuity

Nuveq’s cloud software provides a wide range of benefits.

Manage from anywhere

Access Nuveq’s multi-site management platform on any web-enabled device to easily administer credentials, revoke access and customize entries across all locations.

Sync users automatically

Import and update Nuveq users using your preferred identity

provider, Including G suite.

Troubleshoot hardware online

Monitor hardware statuses and perform remote diagnostic

actions anytime & anywhere.


Infinitely scalable to thousands of doors spread over thousands of locations.